Luxury tours Sweden

This beautiful country became a popular luxury travel destination in recent years. It attracts tourist from all over the world by its abundant cultural heritage, ancient history and amazing opportunities for outdoors recreation.
Sweden is able to offer you an accommodation at first class hotels. Our company has many years of cooperation with such hotel chains as Scandic Hotels, Choice Hotels, First Hotels, as well as with the Swedish chain Elite Hotels. We can always offer you accommodation in the majority of the 5-and 4-star city hotels, interesting design hotels and boutique hotels, as well as in ancient manors and castles at the most competitive prices.

Moreover we offer:

08 Дроттнингхольм, СтокгольмGreat variety of Guided Tours – we offer guided tour in Stockholm and Stockholm’s region as well as in the other towns of Sweden. Walking tours, tours by standard cars and busses, or on luxury cars. You will, have an amazing opportunity to learn history of the country. Make a note of our unconventional tours, which will make your trip much more interesting! Take a walk on the roofs of Knights Island; visit the places of famous ABBA, our go on a ghost tour in the Old Town.

Stockholm Food Tour – Our Company developed a unique gastronomic tour around Stockholm and Stockholm’s region. With this tour you will be able to visit local producers, Lux swe foodgo on a tastings, or participate in cooking masterclass. You can also go on a walking sightseeing tour around Stockholm and taste most famous local delicacies. You can request the whole program for 4-6 days or book separate parts of the program.

Boat trips – Stockholm is located on 14 islands, surrounded by water. This is a great opportunity to see the city from another point of view. We offer trips on luxury yachts and small modern motor boats or big antique ships cruising around Stockholm’s archipelago in summer times.

Hydroplane or helicopter ride – Take an air tour over the beautiful Stockholm. We offer a variety of routes, which can include lunch hydro3 or dinner at the restaurant in the archipelago, fishing, or tour to Gotland for the whole day.

Shopping tour – Swedish design is well-known in the whole world. We can offer you an experienced guide who will show you shops and boutiques, which are usually hidden from the eyes of regular tourists, out-lets, where you can shop for the famous brands with good discounts.

Fishing – Sweden provides great opportunities for fishing. We offer a wide variety of fishing trips to the different parts of Sweden. You can choose to fish in rivers rich with salmon, cleanest lakes or go sea fishing.Swe sailing In Sweden you can also go ice fishing in winter.

Winter activities – Sweden attracts tourist not only in summer time but in winter too. Here are great skiing resorts, but most well-known is of course – Åre. It’s a world-class skiing resort, which offers not only high quality slopes and wide variety of restaurants, but provides a lot of activities for the whole family. Here you can go ice-fishing, race in the sport cars over the frozen lake, go dog sledging and much more.

Holidays with kids – beautiful landscapes, interesting history and Astrid Lindgren books makes Sweden very attractive destination for the families with kids. Moreover, 03 MICEthe infrastructure make it just a perfect place to go to if you have children. Our company offers a wide variety of guided tours and entertainment, which can be interesting for both kids and adults. We will also help you to choose and book accommodation for the whole family.