Transportation. Stockholm

By car or bus

OK Travel offers transfers by cars or buses, organization of guided tours by cars and provides cars at disposal. You can order both standard and luxury cars with us. We also offer long-distance transfers from Stockholm.

Standard cars:    pax.
Sedan   Volvo V-60 (or similar)  2-3
Minivan   Volkswagen Touran (or similar)   4-7
Bus   Mercedes Sprinter   7-14


Luxury cars:    pax.
Sedan   SAAB 9-5, BMW 5   2-3
Exclusive sedan   BMW 7, Mercedes S-class L, Audi S8    3-4
Minivan    Mercedes Viano   4-7
Limousine    Volvo S80 Limousine   5-6
Extra class cars    Maybach M62, Daimler Royal   2-3

Long-distance transfers:

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that OK Travel Company provides long-distance transfers in Scandinavia on the company’s own cars.

Mercedes Benz E-class иor Mercedes Benz V-class (Mercedes Viano)

Destinations:  Distance:     Approximate time:
Stockholm – Malmö 650 km 06:30
Stockholm – Göteborg 510 km 05:20
Stockholm – Västerås 110 km 01:10
Stockholm – Örebro 200 km 02:10
Stockholm – Linköping 240 km 02:35
Stockholm – Helsingborg 595 km 05:50
Stockholm – Jönköping  360 km 03:40
Stockholm – Norrköping 200 km 02:10
Stockholm – Oslo 520 km 07:20
Stockholm – Copenhagen 700 km 08:00

Flexibility – the time of the departure depends on the preferences of the client.
Economy – the opportunity to divide costs for a group of up to 7 people.
Efficiency – the possibility of delivery “from door to door”.
Productivity – the ability to work with access to wifi and conduct a conference by phone.

By water

Our company arranges transportation by water on different types of boats. We can offer:

By air:

We can also offer aero guided tours and air transportation by your request:

Have a look at some of our aero programs in PDF.

By train:

We can also book railway tickets for the trips within the Scandinavian countries.