Sustainable tourism

Nowadays, when people have a bigger opportunity to travel the idea of sustainable tourism is relevant and important more than ever. Therefore, the tourism industry has a great responsibility! And we, as its main representative, do everything to ensure that our travelers contribute to the prosperity of the visited areas in socio-cultural and economic terms. But at the same time do not harm the environment and nature.

In all the regions we represent we cooperate with local companies, thereby providing clients with guided tours and activities that are inherent to the place. When making reservations, we focus on local restaurants that use local and organic products. While choosing the dates of travel, we always recommend visits outside of the high season (which will not affect the trip because Scandinavian countries are worth a visit anytime) as well as spending at least 3-4 nights so that tourists can truly experience the country. This also helps to reduce transportation.

When it comes to long-distance travel, there is no more environmentally friendly type of transport than trains. Especially considering that in the Scandinavian countries they are very comfortable. With the Internet, comfortable seats, and “quiet” carriages where you will be offered coffee, fruit, and biscuits.

And all this gives our clients the opportunity to get the best travel experience while helping to maintain sustainable tourism!