the Faroe Islands

    • Language: Danish
    • Capital: Copenhagen
    • Biggest cities: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense
    • Form of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
    • Head of state: Queen Margrethe II
    • Religion: Lutheran
    • Area: 43 094
    • Population: 5 564 219 people
    • Currency: Danish Krone (DKK)
    • Calling code: +45
    • Time Zone: + 1 UTC

Denmark | the Faroe Islands |

The Faroe Islands is a small archipelago located in the ocean between Iceland, Norway and the UK. This is a unique place far from the commotion of big cities, living at its own pace. At first sight these islands might seem not very friendly with its moody weather, rocks and wind. There are not many trees either. Yet here you find amazing fjords, bays and mountains, that create breathtaking landscapes. In one of its issues, National Geographic called Faroe the best islands in the whole world.

The Faroe Islands are notable for their incredible unique nature, interesting culture, which developed far from the European shores, and great fishing!

It’s noteworthy that the Faroe Islands offer very interesting opportunities for MICE and conferences. If you like to plan a unique event, this destination will be a great choice and we would be glad to help you organize everything. Check out the example of an incentive program we created in PDF here:  Incentive Tour Faroe.