Fishing in Norway

Norway is famous around the world for its fishing opportunities, and we offer you to go for the fishing trip in its rich waters. Travelers from all over the world are coming here to spend some amazing time, to enjoy magnificent landscapes and to catch a big fish. Isn’t that what every fisherman is dreaming about? In Norway you will have a chance to catch a huge pike, salmon, cod or halibut. In 2011 a 45-kilo halibut was caught here. Norwegians themselves are avid fishermen, so there is no shortage of experienced guides who will ensure that you catch will be great.

Fishing season lasts here all year round, and the variety of fishing places can amaze even an experienced fisherman. The more detailed information about fishing in Norway is  available here:  PDF.

fishing in Sweden or Norway

Photo: Henrik Trygg /

We can organize both personal trips and fishing trips for the big companies and corporate clients. We offer an accommodation at the range of city hotels, with the fishing trips starting at the center of the city, or you can stay in one of the fishing bases or cottages, situated right near the shore.

Fishing at the Lofoten Islands
The Lofoten Islands are situated near the North shore of Norway, above the Arctic Circle. Therefore, they provide to their visitors not only amazing landscapes and beautiful nature, but a great fishing too. Here are many “fishermans cottages” called Rorbu, situated right on the shores. Most of them also offer to rent boats and equipment. Here is an example of a Luxury Rorbu offer – PDF.

We also offer an exclusive fishing possibilities near Bergen where you can stay at cottages in the mountains and fish at the private mountain lake situated right near your cottage. Just contact us!