Norway MICE

Norway attracts corporate clients with its beautiful scenery, majestic landscapes, a wide range of outdoor activities and ecotourism. Our specialists can always arrange a program according to your wishes.

In Norway we offer:

Nor fishingFishing ‒ fishing season in Norway is all year round. We can arrange for you a range of fishing activities, like fishing from the shore or fishing trip by boat or barge in open waters. You have a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Norwegian nature, catch the fish of your dreams and then have it cooked for your as dinner. More information about Fishing in Norway here.

Boat trips ‒ we offer various boat trips for one or more days. You can choose a trip on a modern motor yacht or a comfortable sailing ship. Thanks to our partners, Hurtigruten company, you can go on a cruise along the coast of Norway to the northernmost point of Norway – the North Cape, and enjoy beauty of the fjords.
Lux nor ice
Arctic journey ‒ together with our partners, we invite you to travel around on an icebreaker to the Spitsbergen Island. You have the unique opportunity to visit places where no man has gone before, as well as to observe polar bears, walruses and seals in their natural habitat.

Tours to the glaciers with climbing and hiking in the mountains ‒ these activities will test your stamina and endurance, while you being surrounded by an incredibly beautiful scenery. It will help to raise the team spirit and unite the team.

Nor raftRafting ‒ Norway has many rivers suitable for rafting, and we will find the one that is suitable for you in its complexity and intensity, whether you are a beginner or an experienced rafter. This is good team-building activity. Your team is literally going to be in the same boat.

Diving ‒ Diving in Norway is an amazing adventure, even for experienced divers. Crystal clear northern waters will make you feel like a real explorer. In these waters you will see lots of fish, starfish and bright orange coral, flooded forests and ancient ship wrecks. A trully impressing experience!

Mountain biking ‒ There is nothing better during summer thannor diving to go for a bike ride through the mountains. A little bit of extreme, beautiful scenery, clear lakes and mighty mountains – there are plenty of routes of different difficulty available here.

Guided tours ‒ in major cities you have the opportunity to go on a guided tour with our English speaking guide. We can arrange a tour by car, water transport or on foot for you.

Air-sightseeing ‒ You can start an unforgettable tour from Oslo or Bergen by helicopter, seaplane or plane. Have a birds-eye view of the magnificent landscape!
Nor aviaIn Norway, we offer accommodation in city hotels and a number of cozy country inns. Here we also offer you cottages and houses for different number of guests, a close to town or located in beautiful nature surroundings ones.