Guided tours. Sweden

Stockholm excursions общаяStockholm is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. Magnificent historical buildings combined with green parks and lakes. It’s called the cultural capital of Scandinavia, because there are more than 80 museums located here, and many major exhibitions and concerts are held here every year.

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goteborg excursions общаяGothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden, rich with history, beautiful parks and canals. This cozy seaside town is also called the gateway to the Western Archipelago. In addition, Gothenburg is rightfully called the gastronomic capital of Sweden.

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Malmo excursions общаяMalmö is the third largest city of Sweden, the capital of Skåne region, and one of the southernmost cities in Sweden. The proximity to the central part of Europe makes Malmö a very dynamic city, which is famous for its modern architecture.

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