Restaurants Stockholm

There are a lot of restaurants in Stockholm, representing different cuisines from all over the world, including restaurants with traditional and new Swedish and Scandinavian cuisine. In the last few years, Sweden took a prominent place in the international culinary arena. Every year Swedish chefs win such well-known competitions as Bocuse D’Or and receive new Michelin stars.

The Michelin-rated restaurants in Stockholm


  • Frantzen***
  • Oaxen Krog **
  • Operakällaren *
  • Gastrologik **
  • Ekstedt *
  • Volt *
  • Aloe *
  • Agrikultur*
  • Sushi Sho *
  • Aira *

Restaurants we recommend in Stockholm

The idyllic villa was transformed into an intimate restaurant, surrounded by streets, on which many film scenes were shot. The menu of the restaurant reflects also the atmosphere surrounding it: traditional, and at the same time with a modern approach. Cooking from the local fresh seasonal ingredients, the restaurant serves dishes of the highest quality. Whether it’s a business lunch, dinner, or event, in Regissorsvilla you will always be served fresh bread, which was baked here in the restaurant, and a wonderful set of dishes prepared with much attention and love.

The restaurant is open for dinner Wed-Sat 18:00 – 23:00
There is a possibility to book a whole restaurant and conference halls for the event.


Stadshuskällaren-Entre-Vinnare-605x240This famous restaurant is situated at the heart of Stockholm in the cellar of Town Hall. The Nobel Laureates dinner is held here every year, and visitors of the restaurant have a unique opportunity to try the menu which was served to the Nobel Prize laureates last year. The restaurant serves classic Swedish and Scandinavian cuisine in the modern interpretation. The staff is highly qualified and the chefs received different awards. Its unique atmosphere and wonderful cuisine attracts visitors from all over the world.
The restaurant is open for lunches and dinners. There is a possibility to book halls for special occasions and groups up to 65 persons. There are group menus, tasting menus and of course the Nobel menu. Last years the Nobel Menu wass available for all visitors of the restaurant, though groups with more than 10 people have an amazing possibility to order any Nobel menu starting from the banquet of 1901!


Järntorgspumpen Grill & Bar
restaurant-jarntorgspumpen-gamla-stan-stockholm-8 This restaurant is situated at the heart of Stockholm in a 15th century buildings. Here they serve swedish and international cuisines, classical swedish appetizers and amazing grilled meats. The decor of the restaurant allows visitors to see original brick walls and oak panels, mixed together with some modern interior details.
For special events and business dinners the restaurant can offer 3 separate medieval-style dinning rooms, which are situated in the cellars, with their own unique atmosphere. These dinning rooms can accommodate 35-70 people.

Appetizers – from 95 SEK
Grilled dishes – from 215 SEK

AifurThis restaurant, situated in the Old City, takes you back to the Viking times. It consists of a little bar and a spacious dinning room. It can accommodate up to the 150 people, with 110 table-seatings. In the dinning room there are long tables as in the ancient tavern, where everybody seats together on the long benches covered with furs. Furnishings, food, music and atmosphere of the restaurant in general is reminiscent of the ancient times. Here you will find replicas of artifacts found in tombs and excavations throughout Europe. Embroidery from Oseberg ship in Norway, the Royal church pew, glass from southern Germany which have been found on the Birka island, and more. Folk musicians often sit on a small stage, and will delight you with all kinds of rare and historical instruments.
The menu of the restaurant was also created with great attention, with its chefs reviving the recipes from the record found by archeologists. Many dishes are flavored with spices and herbs, which Vikings  used to bring from faraway countries. Here at the restaurant they are convinced that in ancient times, using fresh meat and poultry, vegetables and grains, as well as experimenting with overseas spices, our ancestors created dishes worth of a modern restaurant, which now you are offered to try.

Appetizers  – from 158 SEK
Main dishes -from266 SEK
For the groups of 12 people and more restaurant offers a banquet menu.

Den Gyldene Freden
dengyldene freden This is one of the oldest functioning restaurants not only in Stockholm, but through out the world too. Den Gyldene Freden was founded in 18th century and was the favorite place of cultural elite – writers, poets, artists, like Carl Michael Bellman and Anders Zorn. In 1920 the restaurant was fully renovated but with the aim to save the charm of the original 18th century tavern.
Classical swedish dishes are being served here from 1722, and this restaurant presents a huge culinary tradition. The kitchen uses the produce of the highest quality, and classic cooking methods are still in use: curing, pickling, smoking and drying – but in their own personal way. One favorite from the latter method is souvas, a thin-sliced lightly smoked reindeer meat, which is a staple on the menu. Menu differs from season to season, with the aim to highlight the best taste and produce of each season. The high quality of food was recognized by the Michelin critics in the Michelin Bib Gourmand. You can book the restaurant for lunch or dinner. For groups from 8 to 40 people special menus are offered. There is also possibility to book a separate dinning room “Belman” located on the second floor of the restaurant.

Appetizers – from 210 SEK
Main dishes – from 245 SEK

stortorgkallaren2 If you translate the name of the restaurant, you will understand that it’s named after the square it’s located on. The Big Square – Stortorg is the oldest square in town, and in the old times was a lively market square. The restaurant occupies one of the houses on the square and ocupied part of the ground fool and the cellar. The upper part of the restaurant is furnished in a more contemporary style, when the cellars kept the old brick setting.
The chefs of the restaurant draw their inspiration in the classic Swedish cuisine, Italian cooking culture and fresh ingredients. They are always looking for new combinations for their menu. The restaurant serves lunches and dinners. For groups they offer special menu of Swedish classics.
Appetizers – from 215 SEK
Main dishes – from 225 SEK

Villa Godthem
villa-godthem-stockholm-3The unique building in which restaurant is located, was built in 1874 and was presented to the famous opera singer Carl Johan Uddman. Since 1897 till nowadays the restaurant is situated here. The villa lies in a really nice place – the park at the Djurgården island. Here you can enjoy the classic swedish dishes made of the fresh seasonal ingredients, and beautiful scandinavian nature, without going far from the city.
Here they think that the heart of the restaurant is in its kitchen and offer classical swedish dishes in their modern interpretation. They aim to serve high class dishes to their customers and allow you to enjoy nice surroundings of the dining halls or outside the Villa in summer.
Appetizers – from 219 SEK
Main dishes – from 209 SEK
The restaurant works with seasonal ingredients of the highest quality and changes menu according to the season. They offer brunch on weekends and can offer group menus.

Appetizers – from 165 SEK
Main dishes – from 225 SEK

wallmans2This is the first restaurant-cabaret in Stockholm with the entertaining program. Evening at Walmans – is a fantastic show which is accompanied by truly amazing dishes. Professional singers, dancers and entertainers will perform for you here, and waiters will surprise you by their fine voices. At Walmans you can choose the menu with meat, seafood or vegetarian; each menu has 4 dishes, or sometimes more – cold and hot appetizers, main dish and a dessert.

The restaurant opens at 6 PM and the show starts at the bar, where the guests are served with welcoming drinks. At 7 PM guests are invited in to the main hall, where they dine and enjoy the show. At 11PM part of the tables are removed and dining hall transforms in to the night club.
Prices include the table reservation, dinner and a welcoming drink. There are tables of different categories:
Category А – 995 SEK
Category B – 895 SEK
Category С – 795 SEK

Gute Grill and Bar
The restaurant is located in a lively quarter of Stockholm, near Stureplan, where are many nice shops, restaurants and cafes located. Gute Grill and Bar is a barbecue restaurant where you can eat delicious smoked and grilled food prepared with Swedish ingredients originating from Gotland. The atmosphere of the restaurant is rustic with its comfortable wicker chairs, wooden benches and tables make it very cozy. The restaurant is open Mon-Sat for lunch and dinner.
There are two separate rooms for groups from 15 to 55 people. For groups a separate menu is offered. The restaurant also organizes wine tastings. There are two sister restaurants on Gotland and in Åre (open during winter).

Group menu  – from 580 SEK
Snacks – from 55 SEK
Medium dishes – from 175 SEK
Main dishes – from 235 SEK