• Language: Swedish
    • Capital: Stockholm
    • Biggest cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala
    • Form of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
    • Head of state: King Carl XVI Gustaf
    • Religion: Church of Sweden (Lutheran)
    • Area: 449,964 sq. km
    • Population: 9,354,426 people
    • Currency: Swedish krona (SEK)
    • Calling code: +46
    • Time Zone: + 1 UTC

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The second biggest city in Sweden and a major tourist center, Gothenburg was founded in 1621 by Gustav II Adolf. Since that time, it grew from a small industrial settlement to a modern European city, which is recognized as the Gastronomic Capital of Sweden.

Gothenburg is a very friendly town situated on the west coast of Sweden. Nice layout, plenty of green areas and lovely old quarters make it a perfect place for a lovely city holiday.

Gothenburg is a great place to explore by foot. In a walking distance you will find most of the attractions, parks, museums, shops, cafés and restaurants. Have a relaxed walk in old town quarters, called Haga. Here you will find nice well-preserved wooden houses of mid-17th century, that give this area a special charm. You will find lots of cafés and shops there.

Visit the Scansen Cronan fort, which overlooks the city in the southern part of the Haga district. It provides a wonderful view over the city and is a perfect spot for making great pictures. Inside the fort you can visit a small museum. Moreover, there is Slottskugen Park not far from here; the locals love to spend their time at this park. A large part of the park is occupied by green forests. Three hills on which the park is located, provide a nice scenic view over the park and the city.

Gothenburg is one of the biggest cultural centers in Scandinavia. Various festivals, exhibitions, concerts and many other events are held here all year round. The biggest event is the Gothenburg Culture Festival, which is held every year in August. During the festival’s 6 days, at the different places and scenes around the city, locals and visitors have an amazing opportunity to see many groups and theatrical troupes performances, as well as to enjoy the art exhibitions of local artists and designers.


Photo: Malin Skoog, Image Bank Sweden


Apart of the festival, you can always go to the Opera and the Concert Hall, where world-class performances are shown. Visit the Museum of Arts, which holds an extensive collection of Scandinavian art dating back to 17th century. Do not miss the Museum of Design and Applied Arts – Röhsska, and as well as the Museum of World Culture. Kids will love Universum Museum, where they can visit the aquarium, see wild animals, conduct different experiments, and have great adventures on its seven floors! Amusement Park Liseberg will be interesting for everybody, especially families with kids.

Gothenburg is rightly called the Gastronomic Capital of Sweden. The city is famous for fresh seafood and fish of the highest quality! You can try the excellent dishes cooked by local chefs in trendy restaurants, bars and, of course, Michelin star restaurants. Many of well-known Swedish chefs started their career in Gothenburg.

If you are into high-quality seafood, you should visit Fiskekyrkan – the famous fish market. The building reminds a gothic cathedral, and the name is translated as “Fish church”.Opened in 1874, this market is known for variety of fresh fish and seafood, which you can buy here or try the dishes cooked from the same ingredients served in restaurants in the market’s building. This city is a paradise for foodies!

Take a sea trip from the city, and you will discover a beautiful and mysterious world of the East Coast Archipelago. Thousands of islands spread from Gothenburg up to the Norwegian border. Here you can relax and enjoy the nature, go sailing or kayaking, visit small fishing villages or take a lobster safari.

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