• Официальный язык: Шведский
    • Столица: Стокгольм
    • Крупнейшие города: Стокгольм, Гётеборг, Мальмё, Уппсала
    • Форма правления: конституционная монархия
    • Глава государства: Карл XVI Густав
    • Гос. религия: церковь Швеции (лютеранская)
    • Территория: 449 964 кв. км
    • Население: 9 354 426 чел.
    • Валюта: шведская крона (SEK)
    • Телефонный код: +46
    • Часовой пояс: +1 UTC

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Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, the capital of the region of Skåne, and one of the southernmost cities in Sweden. Its peculiarity is that it is located only 19 km away from the Danish capital Copenhagen, which is located on the other side of the Öresund strait. These two cities are connected by the longest in Europe Oresund Bridge. This proximity to the central part of Europe makes Malmö very special and one of the most dynamic cities in Sweden.

At the same time, the historic center is small and cozy and retains its old charm. Visit Stortorget – the main square of Malmo, which was the largest square in Europe once. Here you find also the beautiful town hall, an equestrian statue of King Karl X Gustav and the Government House. Also there is an interesting fountain on the square, built on the site of the former well with drinking water. Take a look at Lilatori, another old area of  the city, paved with cobblestone. There are many cafes and restaurants and it’s always noisy, it’s a great place to have a seat in an outdoor café or meet your friends.

One should visit the Malmöhus Castle, built in 1434, which once housed the royal residence. It was destroyed by the Swedish peasants during the rebellion, and later renovated in the XVI century by King Christian III. The castle is a classic Renaissance citadel – with mighty walls, towers, surrounded by a deep moat. During its history, the Danish coins were minted here, and royal balls were hold, or prisoners languished in the 19th century when the castle became a prison. Now it houses the most important museums of Malmö – the City Museum, Museum of Natural History, Science and Technology Museum, the Art Museum and the Maritime Museum.


Photo: Werner Nystrand, Image Bank Sweden


Do not miss the Church of St. Peter, located in the city center next to the town hall. This magnificent temple was founded in 1300s, and is the oldest building in the city. However, the 105-meter tower, that overlooks the city, was built only in 1890, instead of the original one destroyed in 1400s.

Those who are interested in modern design should visit the highest residential skyscraper in northern Europe – the Turning Torso. The “twist” design of this building was created by famous architect Santiago Calatrava. The skyscraper has 54 floors, and its height is 190 meters.

Visit Malmö’s Art Gallery – Malmö Konsthall. The gallery building is made of simple materials such as concrete and aluminum, inside there are spacious, bright rooms, which hold the exhibitions of contemporary art and other events. When designing this gallery, architect Klas Anshelm paid special attention to the lighting, and created an interesting system of windows and artificial light sources on the ceiling.

Malmö City Library is also an interesting architectural monument. It’s worth to go here, even if you’re not going to borrow the book. The library consists of 3 parts built in different styles. The main building looks like an old castle. It houses the impressive collection of printed publications. The second part is more modern. It’s light and airy and is called the «Calendar of Light». These two buildings are connected by a round complex called “the Cylinder” where the entrance to the library, the information desk and a café are situated.

Malmö will not leave you bored, because here you always find an abundance of beautiful parks, stunning beaches, shops, museums and world-class restaurants. It is not difficult to find entertainment and attractions toevery taste here.

Besides, in August Malmö invites everybody for one of the Scandinavia’s largest cultural festival – Malmöfestivalen, which is held here since 1985. This festival encompasses all aspects of art – music, art, design, dance, food and sports. Across the city special programs and activities are held for people of all interests and ages. Every year it gets about 1.5 million visitors.

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