• Language: Swedish
    • Capital: Stockholm
    • Biggest cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala
    • Form of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
    • Head of state: King Carl XVI Gustaf
    • Religion: Church of Sweden (Lutheran)
    • Area: 449,964 sq. km
    • Population: 9,354,426 people
    • Currency: Swedish krona (SEK)
    • Calling code: +46
    • Time Zone: + 1 UTC

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Småland is a historical province in southern Sweden. Here you find dense forests, broad fields, a lot of lakes and traditional red-painted houses. Such a variety of landscape allows everyone to find their favorite spot.

Småland is a perfect place for those who like outdoor activities. Take a hike on one of many paved trails, biking or horse riding! This region has more lakes than anywhere else in Sweden and they are the perfect place to relax and go fishing, kayaking, boating or canoeing.

The region consists of three municipalities – Kroneberg, Kalmar and Jönköping.

Kalmar, the capital of the same-named municipality, attracts large numbers of tourists. Here is the Kalmar Castle, dating back to the 12th century and well-preserved old town, which surrounds the castle. It is the most well-preserved castle of the Renaissance period in Scandinavia. Once Kalmar was the main city in Scandinavia. It was the capital of the Kalmar Union, which united Sweden, Norway and Denmark before the year 1523.

Currently Kalmar is the center of the Kingdom of Crystal – Glasriket. In this area, located to the west of Kalmar, there are 15 crystal factories. The most well-known brands are Kosta Boda and Orrefors. We offer you to stay in the Kosta Boda Art Hotel, constructed of 100 tons of glass – this hotel is suitable for relaxing as well as for corporate events. It includes a spa with indoor and outdoor pools.

In addition, the second largest island in Sweden – Öland is also belongs to the municipality of Kalmar, it is connected to the mainland by a bridge length of 6 km. One of the characteristic features of the landscape of the island is its windmills. Many of them are now open  as a cafe where you can try traditional Swedish waffles. At Öland there is also the summer residence of the Swedish royal family – Sulliden. Built in the Italian style, the residence is surrounded by a magnificent park.

In the same municipality lies Vimmerby, which was built during the time of the Vikings. The city got its fame thanks to the fact that here a famous writer Astrid Lindgren was born and raised. Now here is the house museum of the writer, as well as a theme park based on her stories. Astrid Lindgren Park is open from May to late August, and during the weekends in September. You can stay in hotels of Vimmerby and in simple cottages in the vicinity of the park.

In the municipality of Jönköping we recommend to visit the town Eksjö. This is one of the best preserved cities of wooden architecture in Sweden. The old town is an example of urban development of the late 1500s till mid-1700s.
Also in the municipality near the town of Vernamo an interesting theme park “High Chaparal” is situated. Here you will discover the real world of the Wild West, cowboys, Indians and Mexicans! In the park you can visit a variety of themed shows, ride on a steam train or swim through the channels on a boat.

And of course Småland ia a true paradise for fishing enthusiasts. The fishing village, located near the town of Vestervik, is famous for its fishing for pike, here the pike fishing championships are held. If you want to catch salmon, turn your attention to the river Emona. Moreover, at the numerous lakes of Smaland you can also go fishing for pike, perch and walleye.

For those who prefer sports leisure activities can learn golf in Småland. Variety of landscapes, where there are a lot of forests and alleys, helps to ensure that there are golf courses to suit all tastes. And for those who want to learn to ski we recommend ski-resort Isaberg, where you can stay in comfortable cottages.

Last but not least, we would like to mention that Småland is the birthplace of many famous people, known not only in Sweden but globally. They are Carl von Linnaeus (the founder of plant classification), Astrid Lindgren (children’s writer), Ingvar Kamprad (founder of IKEA), Doug Hammarheld (Secretary-General of the UN), Agnetha Fältskog (the ABBA singer) and many others.

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